At Perfect Storm Athletics Lethbridge, we pride ourselves on having some of the most experienced, knowledgeable and passionate coaches in the industry. Our highly qualified staff are the backbone of our programming and are indispensable in making Perfect Storm the success that it is. From choreography, to tumbling, to technical training, our staff bring decades of experience to the mats in both school and all-star cheer and some have also have a gymnastics background.  Perfect Storm coaches are all certified to at least the level they are coaching and have both first aid and CPR training as well as Respect in Sport.  We also provide annual and on-going training for our coaches in all aspects of our sport.


The Lethbridge gym is managed by co owners Sam Paradee and Stan Lopez.  Sam is a native of Lethbridge and prior to opening Perfect Storm Lethbridge, she was a highly successful school cheer coach and ran a small all-star club.  Stan is originally from Edmonton where he was a coach at the Perfect Storm Edmonton gym.  Prior to that Stan was also involved in school cheer and a small all-star cheer club.

All of the account management is handled through our Edmonton gym by Tasha Lyons (accounts manager) and Megan Chapelsky (accountant).


The Perfect Storm Athletics Lethbridge ownership team consists of Dianne & Jim Greenough and Leanne Livingston of Edmonton and Sam Paradee and Stan Lopez of Lethbridge.  Dianne, Jim and Leanne all work out of Edmonton gym.  Both Dianne and Leanne coach teams in Edmonton and help with coach and athlete development in all four locations.  Jim visits all locations on a regular basis to ensure operations are running smoothly.  Sam and Stan both live and work in the Lethbridge gym and coach school teams throughout the city.