Join a Cheer Team

At Perfect Storm Athletics we offer 4 types of cheer teams: all-star, prep, novice, and recreational.  All-star, prep and novice are competitive programs.

The all-star season starts in August with placements and tryouts.  We generally accept athletes onto these teams until mid-September pending space and team needs. Registration for placements and tryouts is OPEN.

Prep and novice begin with practices starting in both September AND November.  New registrations generally accepted until the third practice of the season. Registration for prep teams is OPEN.

Recreational cheer runs in multiple sessions: fall (Sept-Jan) and winter (Feb-June).  Fall registration starts in June and winter registration starts in November.

Team placements for the 2021-22 season are in August.  Placements are for competitive prep and all-star teams and are designed to determine the best place for all athletes.  We have a place for everyone whether it be in a competitive or recreational program.

We strongly encourage anyone who plans to attend a placement session, to register for our all-star summer training.  Training will focus on stunting and will include tumbling, jumps, and fitness.   This is also a great way to determine what level you are suited to prior to the actual placement sessions.



For more information on all of our cheer programs, including those not currently open for registration, please click here.