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Welcome Back!

Our gym relaunch is June 14, 2021.

It is a fun-filled Summer at Perfect Storm Athletics. There is a program, clinic, class or camp for everyone!



U6 Summer Program Expansion

Athletes 4.5 – 6 yrs now have more options than ever!

Kids love learning new skills and since we teach by progression, you can be confident your kids are as safe as possible, learning skills appropriate for their level. All groups are split into smaller groups by level where needed so that everyone works to their ability and learns anther own pace. Coordination, social skills, goal setting and so much more are gained from these classes!


  1. Rolls, Cartwheel & Handstand Clinics

This entry-level 80 minute clinic is focused on the fundamental movement skills required to begin your tumbling journey. Focussing on strength, balance and body awareness we move through beginner inversions with patience and enthusiasm!

Dates : June 16, 22, Jul 26 & Aug 19

Time : 5:00pm-6:20pm

Cost $22.50/clinic


2. Stunt & Tumble Classes

This entry-level 80 minute class runs once a week over six consecutive weeks and introduces our young athletes to stunting! Stunting is the art of teamwork and biomechanics as we learn to lift and manipulate our bodies in the air. It’s time to fly high and challenge ourselves to become fearless both on and off the ground. Flexibility and balance will be emphasized throughout this class.

Dates : Thursdays Jul 8-Aug 12

Time : 5:00pm-6:20pm

Cost: $135.00


3. “Minis” Morning Summer Camps

Bring on the fun! Athletes will find strength in each of the different and unique aspects of cheerleading including tumbling, jumping, dancing AND stunting. The integration of non cheerleading arts and activities maximizes the attention and skill development of our young athletes.

Dates : Jul 12-15, Aug 9-12

Time : 9:00am – 12:00pm

Cost: $100.00


4. Check Out Cheer

This year the fun is rising to another level by bringing back “Check Out Cheer” on the last morning of each “Minis” Morning Summer Camp. Bring a friend, sibling etc. in the same age category to join you on that morning!

Dates : Jul 15 & Aug 12

Time : 9:00am – 12:00pm

Cost: $20.00


5. Team Placements

Ready to hit the competition mat in a sport like no other? Sign up for U6 Prep Team Placements NOW! Our 2021-22 Handbook is currently under construction and will be available for release in July. Please use the 2020-21 handbook as reference for program fees, commitments and expectations.

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