Specialty Classes

We are offering three brand new classes for 2018-19.

Flight and Flex | Wednesdays | 7-8pm

Flight and flex is dedicated to stretching techniques and flight drills to hit and hold required air positions. Flyers must exhibit both strength and control when performing and this class is the perfect fit!

Jumps and Conditioning | Thursdays | 7-8pm

Jumps not only need to be high but also require strong cores and flexibility. This class focuses on arm placement and plyometrics to max out jump height and speed. 

Partner Stunting | Wednesdays 6-7pm 

The class our advanced athletes and athletic dads have been waiting for!

This class is focussed on teaching the basic of one base and one flyer stunting with a focus on perfection before progression. Partner stunting is more physically taxing than all girl stunting so pairs should consider signing up in a group of three so bases can alternate and learn advanced assisted partner stunting at a faster rate.

All specialty classes are $45.00/month plus gst per participant and require a 4 month commitment. The 4 month session can also be paid for in one sum of $180.00 plus gst upon registration.