Virtual Programs

We are excited to share with you our plans for the months of May & June.  We have been working hard developing curriculums and plans for 8 weeks of on-line virtual training programs.  These classes will be taught by certified coaches from all four Perfect Storm locations across Alberta.

Class Options

All classes will be 45 minutes in length and cost $85 plus GST for all 8 classes.

  1. Tumbling classes – All you need is a mat, a wall, and some space.  Coaches will provide instruction that focuses on proper body shapes & positions and drills for improving skills.  Athletes must have already been working skills at the level they register for.  Coaches will be assessing skills at the start of the first class and anyone who is not able to complete the requisite skills will not be able to continue in the class.  Please note that level 4 & 5 will consist mainly of conditioning for tumbling skills at these levels.  These classes are a great way to maintain the skills you have and work towards attempting new skills once the gym is open again.

  2. Base Training – This class will focus on strength training and proper technique for bases and back spots at all levels.

  3. Flight School – Designed for flyers, this class will develop the flexibility and body awareness needed to pull various air positions.

  4. Dance – We are offering beginner, intermediate, and advanced dance classes to accommodate all ages and abilities.  These classes will work on some basic dance techniques and fun choreography to today’s popular music.

  5. Phys. Ed. – These classes will cover some of the elementary physical education curriculum in your own home/yard.  There will be some very basic equipment needed like a ball and skipping rope.  More information will be provided to those who register.

Fitness Bundle
This bundle offers 15 classes per week including conditioning classes, a jump/cardio combo to work on improving jumps and fitness level, stretch & flexibility classes, and 2 adult only (parent) classes.  All family members can participate in the 13 classes per week and parents have an additional 2 classes a week that they can take. This is an amazing deal at just $198 + GST (billed at $99 per month for 2 months).  When you register for this class you are committing to the full two months.


If you register for a class or the fitness bundle between April 22and 26, you will receive 4 free classes the week of April 27!
Monday, April 27 5pm – Dance with Jesse
Tuesday, April 28 3pm – Fitness with Sam
Wednesday, April 29 4pm – Base Training with Stan
Thursday, April 30 Level 1 Advanced Tumbling with Kim

Classes & the fitness bundle are open to anyone including new athletes & families!

Private Coaching

We will be offering private lessons for levels 1-5.  As noted in the tumbling class information, levels 4 & 5 will consist mainly of conditioning for tumbling skills at these levels.  No new skills will be taught in classes or lessons.  Siblings who are at the same or similar levels can participate in a lesson together.  Virtual private lessons are $20 for a 25 minute lesson.

Please note that due to the limited number of lessons available, we reserve the right to limit lessons.  We will do our best to accommodate all requests but want to allow all athletes who are interested in these lessons to have the opportunity to have some. Private lessons are only open to current Perfect Storm Athletics athletes.  All private lesson requests must be sent to [email protected]com.  Please do not email your gym manager as they will not be able to book these for you.
Please click here to read about our spring training coaches: VIRTUAL SPRING TRAINING INSTRUCTORS

Special Guests
Each week we will have a special guest speaker or instructor.  These sessions will take place via Zoom on Wednesdays at 8pm and are free to those who register for a class or bundle.

Sessions will include the following:

May 6 – Ladies’ cut & bang cut by Wendy Piper-Kulak, former salon owner and stylist

May 13 – Mental blocks – Fight to the Finish Line by Olympic Gold Medalist Marc Kennedy

May 20 – Facials with Kierra Steil, esthetician

May 27 – Teen Nutrition with Asha Belisle, certified Exercise Physiologist and Strength & Conditioning Specialist

June 3 – Men’s haircut by Wendy Piper-Kulak

June 10 – Adult Nutrition with Asha Belisle

June 17 – Pedicures and More! Kierra Steil

June 24 – Motivating Kids to Get Back Training, motivational speaker Ken King


To view our complete May & June schedule including classes and private lessons, please click here.

The tabs at the bottom of the link will open each week of private lessons.  Please note that this schedule is subject to change based on demand.  Some classes may be added and some may be removed based on registration.  The schedule is a live document that will be updated as changes are made.  All changes will also be made in JackRabbit (registration program) as they happen.

How to Register
When you log in to register, you will need to agree to our updated policies that have been changed to include virtual programs.  We recommend that you register through your customer portal.  If you would prefer to register by first going to our website, you need to choose the Edmonton location.  If you choose another location, you will be redirected to the Edmonton site.

All virtual classes are being processed through the Edmonton gym.

To find the classes we are offering, you can filter your results based on the sessions.  We have created a new “session” called Virtual.  By choosing this option you will be able to see all of the virtual classes.  The only thing you will not see here are the private lessons.  Those will be booked by emailing [email protected]com.

Zoom links for all classes and lessons will be emailed to registrants before the classes start on May 4.

If you have any questions or difficulties with the registration process or anything else, please email [email protected] and we will be happy to help!

We look forward to providing you with both challenging and entertaining programs over the next two months.  As always, we value your feedback and use it to improve our programming.  All questions, comments or concerns can be sent to us at [email protected].